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Distribution Ceremony of Appreciation Certificates

Thursday, May 9, 2024


The Micro Payment Gateway (MPG) is a state-of-the-art secure payment platform that enables the exchange of funds in a seamless, instant and cost effective manner. The system required extensive SAP based integrations and continuous coordination between all stakeholders. In order to achieve implementation of MPG mechanism, all-out strenuous efforts were made by Technology Management Wing (TMW) and Pre-Audit Wings. TMW Wing completed multiple pre-requisites for the new system such as data updation, provision of system support, and improving internal controls. Pension Wing worked day and night to channelize pension payments through MPG.
In order to acknowledge the services of the TMW, Pension and GPF Wings, Mr. Ahmar Ellahi, Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues, held an appreciation certificate ceremony on 09th May 2024 in conference room of AGPR, Islamabad. He appreciated work by team of both wings. He stressed on continuing journey of further digitization in service delivery to achieve timeliness, efficiency and economy in the field operations.

Following Officers and Officials were awarded with the appreciation certificate:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Hamza Ali Deputy Accountant General (Senior & TMW)
2 Ammara Hasan Deputy Accountant General (Fund & Pension)
3 Ch. Muhammad Adil Staff Officer to AGPR
4 Dr. Nousheen Zafar Accounts Officer
5 Muhammad Nasir Yousaf Assistant Accounts Officer
6 Hasnat Abbasi Assistant Accounts Officer (OPS)
7 Safdar Sawati Data Processing Assistant
8 Najeeb Ullah Senior Auditor
9 Amjad Iqbal Senior Auditor
10 Raja Mehran Senior Auditor
11 Ehsan Ul Haq Senior Auditor
12 Asif Nadeem System Administrator
13 Wasif Ameen Junior Auditor