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Processing of financial claims through GAs,TAs, Special Work, Audit Cells, Sub-Ordinate Cells(SOCs)

Loans & Advances

List of Advances Issued


Pensioners Biometric verification,
Anticipatory Pension and Pension Cards,
Direct Credit System of Pension.

GPF Facilitation

A progressive system has been introduced to facilitates employees to manage and draw their GP Fund.


Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR)

Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) is responsible for the centralised accounting and reporting of federal transactions.

Additionally the AGPR is responsible for the consolidation of summarised financial information prepared by federal self-accounting entities. The AGPR receives accounts and reports from the DAOs, PAOs, Federal Treasuries and SBP/NBP, and provide Annual Accounts (to the AGP) and Consolidated Monthly Accounts (to the Federal Finance Division).

There are AGPR sub-offices in each of the Provinces who also act as the DAO in respect of Federal Government transactions relevant to the Provincial Headquarters. The Controller General of Accounts is the administrative head of the AGPR.


AGPR Location